Offices for rent in Newbridge

Newbridge is located in quite an enviable position Running off the tail end of the M9 and sandwiched between the M90 & M80, it is a fantastic location if you’re looking to house a business close to the airport and want to have a business in Edinburgh, but without the price tag Edinburgh city centre has attached.
 If you’re wondering what important points to keep in mind when looking for a professional space, keep the following in mind:

Conventional Office Rentals

As a rule thumb allow 50 – 60 sq ft per person*
Suited for larger business operations
Short term leases require 2 – 3 years minimum commitment

Serviced Office Rentals

Let by the desk
Choose from standard offices to executive suites
Expand or contract as your business grows or shrinks
Rolling contracts that are flexible
One monthly bill covers all associated services

Shared office Rentals

Monthly rolling contracts
Benefit from developed infrastructure & facilities already in place
All utilities & rates packaged in one monthly bill
Provides a more professional feel compared to a lone office
Can give the allusion of one bustling working environment 

*This rule applies to all of the above

Newbridge Business Front

Literally a stone’s throw from Edinburgh Airport and just a few miles shy of the city centre, Newbridge is an area that contains a high concentration of commercial buildings, warehouses and office space.

Business Parks

Harvest Road and Cliftonhall Road are two eminent areas for business in Newbridge. This is largely due to the extreme proximity Newbridge has to Edinburgh Airport. Most people refer to the wider area simply as Newbridge Industrial Estate. Other business parks close by include East Mains Industrial Estate and Houstoun Industrial Estate and most businesses in the level operate on a UK wide and international level.

Transport Links

Getting in to Edinburgh city centre is a breeze with the M9 connecting right through to the M90 & M8, as well as Glasgow Road running right by the airport, Edinburgh Zoo and Murrayfield stadium. With its location on the M8, getting in to Glasgow is easy too with an average journey time of 45 minutes. The closest train station to the area is Edinburgh Park. A train from here to Waverley Station right in heart of Edinburgh takes only 10 minutes. This station also sits on the Edinburgh to Glasgow line, with the journey time to Glasgow Queen Street averaging 55 minutes. And of course Edinburgh International Airport is only a mile away, making the commute to anywhere in the world seem enviable, it’s that easy.


With Newbridge being so close to Edinburgh’s many academic institutions, it’s hard to argue a better location for a business to be located in. From the historic university of Edinburgh to the Royal College of Physicians & Royal College of Surgeons, some of the smartest brains in the country are never far away.

Social Life

Newbridge is mainly comprised of industrials parks and businesses so social life isn’t a big part of the agenda. A train to Edinburgh city centre takes only 10 minutes though and is the quickest way of having a great time in one of the most exciting and artistic cities in the world. From hundreds of theatres, to a constant calendar of festivals and some of the top restaurants in the country, there’s no such thing as a bad night out in Edinburgh.
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Cliftonhall Road
This large, two storey business centre has a large amount of office space available to let on flexib..